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Wearing a mask is recommended.

In accordance with government instructions, wearing a mask and presenting a vaccination pass are no longer compulsory to visit the sites. However, barrier gestures must be respected and wearing a mask is highly recommended.



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Some periods are in high demand, especially at the Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles

The PARIS MUSEUM PASS opens the doors to over 50 museums and monuments in Paris and the Paris region.

The more you visit, the more you save. So without further ado, start exploring one of the world's most fabulous heritages!

>  A choice of 3 passes2 days [48 h]4 days [96 h] ou 6 days [144 h].

>  Free admission* to monuments and museums' permanent collections..

>  Allows 1 entry to each site.

To use it, nothing could be easier: just present the pass at the checkpoints of each site. The validity period begins from the time of the first visit.

* Free admission is not guaranteed when there are specific access conditions: a mandatory reservation, security checks, the delivery of a free ticket or regulated restrictions on visitor numbers for security reasons.

2 days | 48 h


Savings - on average

from the 4th visit!

4 days | 96 h

  70 €  

Savings - on average

from the 5th visit!

6 days | 144 h

  85 €  

Savings - on average

from the 6th visit!



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Musée de ClunyMusée du Moyen Âge

May 12, 2022

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An emblematic monument of the history of France, the Arc offers one of the most beautiful views of Paris and the Champs-Élysées.

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With the third largest collection in the world, it is the only museum to offer an overview of modern art...

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The Atonement Chapel stands at the site where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were buried in 1793, after being guillotined.

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Tour de France and travel back in time through the most beautiful architectures of French heritage.

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A place of discovery, the City presents interactive and playful exhibitions on the development of science and technology on 30,000 square and qm.

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The first royal palace with magnificent Gothic halls from the 14th century.

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Presentation of the archaeological remains discovered during excavations carried out between 1965 and 1970.

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Emblematic place of the Place de la Concorde, superb architectural ensemble of the 18th century. which housed the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne...

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The museum allows you going back to the origins of the cinema...

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Housed in a 17th century mansion, the museum presents an admirable collection on Judaism in Europe...

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In an old railway station, all the artistic creation from 1848 to 1914.

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A place that brings together the baths of Lutèce and the hotel of the abbots of Cluny.

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A desire for a garden?



The last resting place of the kings and queens of France. The largest European collection of funerary sculptures (12th to 16th century).

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Built in the early 18th century, the former property of the Marquise de Pompadour houses exceptional interior decorations and furniture.

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Collection of paintings, apartments of the princes of Condé, graphic arts firm, park and gardens.

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Housing of the sovereigns from the 12th to the 19th century. One of the richest royal and imperial residences in the world.

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Commissioned in 1641 by René de Longueil, the castle built by François Mansart is a splendour of classical French architecture.

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Built in the 15th century, dismantled in the 17th century, then recreated under Napoleon III, a brilliant interpretation of the Middle Ages by the architect Viollet-le-Duc.

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Former royal castle (14th-18th century) became one of the presidential residences.

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The castle, a royal residence from the 12th to the 18th century, has retained its enclosure, its medieval towers, its Sainte-Chapelle and its dungeon.

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A World Heritage site, the castle is a royal residence, a history museum and a national palace where the parliament is held in congress.

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18th century Castle Collections of N. Jacquemart-André (6,000 furniture, paintings, art objects) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (objects, manuscripts).

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Archaeological collections collected in France. From prehistory to the first Middle Ages.

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Less than 10 km away. from Paris, the museum presents one of the most beautiful collections in the world of flying machines, spacecraft, mythical aircraft...

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The more you visit, the more you save.

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The PMP offers free and direct access to more than 50 museums (permanent collections) and monuments in Paris and the Paris region for a duration of 2 (48 hours), 4 (96 hours) or 6 (144 hours) consecutive days.
The PMP only provides access to the museum's permanent collections. Some museums offer access to their exhibits, depending on the programming, but this is neither the rule nor an obligation.
No, the PMP only provides access to museums and monuments. The public transport network of Ile-de-France offers a tourist package called Paris Tour, available in all metro and RER stations.
Non, le PMP comprend l'intégralité du droit d'entrée aux monuments et aux collections permanentes des musées. Il n'inclut toutefois pas les services habituellement non compris dans les droits d’entrée : visites-conférences, audio-guide, visites guidées, droits de réservation pour les groupes…
You can easily buy the PMP as soon as you arrive, at one of the many outlets located in airports or in Paris. For more details, see buy from this site.
Yes, go to the E-TICKET page of this site.
Yes, you can, for example, buy a PMP in January, from a retailer or on the internet, and only use it in July.
Not. You can easily buy the PMP as soon as you arrive, at one of the many outlets located in airports or in Paris. To see this list, go to the BUY section of this site.
The official PMP rate is the one mentioned on this site on the TARIF page.
No, the price of THE PARIS MUSEUM PASS is already a flat price.
No, most museums and monuments accessible with the PMP are free for under 18s.
From the age of 26, if you are a resident of the European Union (EU) and on presentation of a proof.

From the age of 18, if you live outside the U.S. E.
​​​​Oui, pour les moins de 18 ans et les moins de 26 ans résidents dans l’Union Européenne (U.E.), l’accès aux monuments nationaux et aux collections permanentes des musées, est gratuit sur présentation d’un justificatif. Les autres services sont en supplément (expositions temporaires, audio-guide…).

Les jeunes de 18 à 26 ans qui ne résident pas dans l’U.E., ne bénéficient pas de cette gratuité.
Yes, holiday vouchers are accepted at the checkouts of the main museums and monuments, as well as in the offices of the Paris Tourist Office.
People in possession of a disability card are entitled to free admission in most museums and national monuments. So there is no need to buy a PMP. We advise you to check the websites of each establishment to check their respective access conditions.
No, however, with a press card, free access is usually granted in museums. To obtain this advantage, it is advisable to contact the press services of the establishments beforehand.
Some resellers include more or less high management fees in the public price. Please note, these costs are often added to shipping costs, if you order online. Take the time to compare! The official public price list of the PMP can be found on the PRICE page of this site.
Le « Paris Pass » est un package distribué par une société étrangère à la nôtre, qui regroupe autour du PARIS MUSEUM PASS, diverses prestations touristiques. C’est pourquoi le tarif du « Paris Pass » est bien plus élevé que celui du PARIS MUSEUM PASS. Notre conseil : si vous envisagez d’acheter ce produit, vérifier que les prestations supplémentaires répondent à votre attente.
Simply present your PMP at each museum and monument checkpoint. At the first pass, your pass will be automatically activated for a period, depending on the formula chosen, of 48, 96 or 144 consecutive hours.
No, the PMP offers only 1 entry to each site.
Le PMP permet d’éviter l’attente aux caisses, puisqu’il est prépayé. Certains sites proposent par ailleurs une entrée spécifique et prioritaire. Attention : l’entrée « sans attente » n’est pas garantie lorsqu’il existe des conditions d’accès particulières : un contrôle de sécurité, la remise obligatoire d’un billet gratuit ou un nombre de visiteurs réglementé et limité pour des raisons de sécurité. De plus, la fréquentation de quelques sites peut être si intense à certaines périodes de l’année, que même l’entrée prioritaire est saturée. Dans ces conditions, aucun dispositif ne peut garantir un accès sans attente. Des systèmes de réservation de créneaux horaires sont à l’étude et devraient apporter un meilleur confort de visite aux porteurs du pass.
Not. The few establishments that issue tickets for free tickets are not the busiest.
Yes, you are free to activate your pass at any time. However, on your first visit, it will be permanently activated for 48, 96 or 144 consecutive hours.
La validité du PMP est calculée à l’heure, à partir de la première visite, pour 2, 4 ou 6 jours consécutifs, soit 48 h, 96 h ou 144 h (exemple : un PARIS MUSEUM PASS de 2 jours, activé un mercredi à 15h, est valable qu’au vendredi suivant, 15h).
No, the PMP is activated, from the first visit, for 2, 4 or 6 days, or 48 hours, 96 hours or 144 hours consecutive and inseparable.
No, since June 2019, PMPs for sale no longer have a use-by date.
Yes, however, since the PMP has been designed for individuals, if you are in a group, you must respect the booking procedures and pay, if necessary, the booking fees imposed by certain sites.
Not. The validity of the PMP cannot be suspended or extended under any circumstances. Our advice: plan your visits according to closing days and holidays to make the most of your pass.
Non, il n'existe aucune carte "inter-musées" annuelle. En revanche, plusieurs musées proposent des formules d'abonnement. C'est le cas notamment du Centre Pompidou (Laissez-passer), du musée du Louvre (carte Louvre jeunes, Amis du Louvre), du musée d'Orsay (carte Blanche)… Pour obtenir des informations sur ces formules, consultez les sites internet des établissements (accessibles depuis les pages de chaque établissement, sur ce site internet).
Depuis juillet 2019, seule la réservation d’un créneau horaire peut garantir l’accès au musée du Louvre avec le PMP. Sans cela, l’accès peut parfois être très long, voire impossible, durant les périodes de très forte fréquentation.

N.B. : La procédure de réservation est bien entendu gratuite.

Pour réserver un créneau horaire : rendez-vous sur, sélectionnez « Visiteurs munis d’un Paris Museum Pass », choisissez le jour et l’horaire de votre visite, indiquez votre nom et le numéro de votre PMP. Vous pourrez alors télécharger un QR-code qui vous permettra de franchir le premier contrôle situé à l’entrée de la Pyramide du Louvre (seul point d’accès). Vous devrez ensuite présenter votre PMP aux différents points de contrôle du musée, situés sous la Pyramide.

La réservation n'est pas nécessaire pour les visiteurs bénéficiaires de la gratuité.
Yes, outside of show periods (not included in the offer).
Non, au château de Versailles, le PMP donne accès à tous les circuits de visite ouverts selon la saison (1) et l'audio-guide, mais ne sont pas inclus : les spectacles, les Grandes Eaux Musicales, les Jardins Musicaux, les conférences, les services de restauration et de transport. Pour visiter les Jardins Musicaux et assister aux Grandes Eaux Musicales, vous devez payer une entrée supplémentaire.

(1) Soit : les Grands Appartements, la Galerie des Glaces, la chambre du Roi, la chambre de la Reine, les appartements de la Dauphine, les expositions, les appartements de Mesdames filles de Louis XV, les salles Empire et les galeries et salles du Musée d’Histoire de France.

Au Grand et Petit Trianon, le PMP donne accès aux circuits de visite ouverts selon la saison (2), à partir de 12 h, mais ne sont pas inclus : les conférences, les services de restauration et de transport.

(2) Soit : les appartements du Grand Trianon, le jardin français et ses pavillons en extérieur, les appartements du Petit Trianon, le jardin français avec le pavillon de musique, le belvédère, le théâtre de la Reine Marie-Antoinette, le jardin anglo-chinois et le hameau de la Reine Marie-Antoinette avec sa maison et des fabriques en extérieur comme la laiterie, la tour Marlborough, le moulin et la ferme.
Unfortunately, no.
No, PMPs are not taken back or exchanged.
This decision belongs only to the point of sale from which the purchase was made, but the common rule is that the pass is neither taken back, exchanged or refunded.
Unfortunately, no. If you have an old pass, you should check the use-by date. If it is exceeded, your pass is out of date: no exchange or refund can be considered.
Les demandes ou réclamations relatives à l’achat de votre PMP doivent être adressées au point vente auprès de qui vous l’avez acheté. Notre rôle de distributeur ne nous permet d’assurer le suivi des ventes effectuées par nos revendeurs.
Les demandes ou réclamations relatives à l’utilisation du PMP peuvent être adressées par l’intermédiaire de la page CONTACT de ce site. Nous nous efforcerons de vous répondre dans un délai de 48 heures. N.B. : Nous répondons prioritairement aux questions dont la réponse ne se trouve pas sur ce site. Par ailleurs, nous ne répondons qu’aux questions relatives au PMP.

The pass can not be taken back or exchanged , and does not include access to temporary exhibitions or guided visits.

Many museums and monuments are free for visitors under 18 and for European Union nationals under 26, and closed on Mondays or Tuesdays, January 1, May 1 and December 25 .

Free admission and exceptional closures do not lead to reimbursement (even partial) or extension of the duration of the pass.

A - free - time slot reservation is required for some sites . These reservations must be made separately, with each site, online.

The pass holder shall observe the rules of access to each site, as well as the health measures applicable at the time of the visit.


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Who are we ?

The PARIS MUSEUM PASS was created in 1988 by the main museums and monuments of Paris and its surroundings. It is managed by the InterMusées association, which today brings together the vast majority of the region's monuments and public collections.

We do not make profits. The revenue from the sale of the pass is fully redistributed to museums and monuments. They contribute to the maintenance of sites and the enrichment of national collections.

Who are we ?