Buy your pass online,* using the order form below.
Start by selecting a language, the form is available in FRENCH, ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITALIAN and GERMAN.
The pass you will receive will be in the same language.
Then choose the duration and quantity.
Indicate your coordinates, the name of each user.
Make your payment by credit card.
That's all !


You will receive a confirmation email with your pass in pdf format.


Print your pass on a white sheet or keep it in your phone.
The pass is not available for Apple Wallet.


Take the time to read the terms of use, and the list of accessible sites, mentioned on the pass. 
Consult the RESERVATION page to reserve your time slots.


Present your pass (on paper or on smartphone) at the checkpoints of the sites you visit. 
The pass entitles you to one entry to each site.
 The validity period of the pass starts from the first visit. 

Orders are final. Passes cannot be taken back, exchanged or refunded.
Most museums and monuments are free up to 18 years old (up to 26 years old for nationals of the European Union).
The pass is only activated on the first visit. The date of purchase has no impact on the validity.
The pass is not available for Apple Wallet.
Remember to book your time slots as soon as possible. Certain periods are in high demand, notably at the Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles. 

In our opinion, your privacy must remain so: your banking information is invisible to our services, your personal details will not be shared, there is no need to download an application to buy or use the pass. 

* Secure credit card payment (excluding AMEX). Management fees are applied by our partner to each pass sold online.