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15,000,000 visitors can't be wrong!



Access to 50+ museums and monuments

Aperçu des trois Paris Museum Pass

How many will you visit?

Façade du Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou


From summer 2025, the Center Pompidou will close for renovations until 2030.

It's time to discover Europe's first collection of modern and contemporary art!

Autoportrait d'Eugène Delacroix

Musée Eugène-Delacroix

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the museum is housed in Delacroix's last workshop. A haven of peace, it brings together a beautiful collection of works by the artist and those close to him.


On the occasion of the reopening of the museum, discover the exhibition "Ingres and Delacroix. Artists' Objects", until June 10, 2024.

Museums or monuments, paintings or sculptures, castles or workshops, with more than 50 sites, discover one of the most fabulous heritage in the world.

To see everything

Depending on the duration chosen, you will save money between the 4th and 6th visit. The more you visit, the more you will save!

To save money

Going directly to the different checkpoints, without going through the checkouts, means you have more time to visit!

To save time

Why buy the pass?

Paris museum pass 2 jours
 € 62  *

Savings - on average -

from the 4th visit !

*Service fees apply

in certain sales networks.

Paris museum pass 4 jours

Savings - on average -

from the 5th visit !

*Service fees apply

in certain sales networks.

Paris museum pass 6 jours

Savings - on average -

from the 6th visit !

*Service fees apply

in certain sales networks.

How much does the pass cost?

Avion aéroport Orly et Charles de Gaulle Paris

Paris-Charles de Gaulle


On sale at airports

As soon as you arrive at the airport, the Tourism Information Points are there to welcome you and help you during your stay.

Buy your pass ONLINE , securely, and receive it by email in a few minutes.

The pass is on sale ON-SITE at the ticket offices of the main museums and monuments.

Meet on site at the TOURISM INFORMATION POINTS at the two Paris airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

Meet ON-SITE at the TOURISM INFORMATION POINT located opposite the exit of the Marne la Vallée-Chessy RER station.

Where to buy the pass?

In the footsteps of Napoleon

Tableau de Napoleon

Many sites evoke the Napoleonic era. Discover those accessible with the pass.

Notre Dame de Paris la nuit

de Paris

Gothic masterpiece listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, made legendary by Victor Hugo's novel published in 1831. From the top of the Towers, a 360° panorama of the cathedral and the city.


DECEMBER 8, 2024


  • From what age is it useful to buy a pass?
    From the age of 26, if you are a resident of the European Union (EU), presentation of proof. From 18 years old, if you live outside the EU
  • Is there a reduced rate for certain visitors (large families, students, groups, etc.)?
    No, the price of the pass is the same for everyone. It already corresponds to a fixed price.
  • Should I buy a pass for children?
    No, most museums and monuments accessible with the pass are free up to 18 years old.
  • Should you buy a pass for young adults?
    No, for those under 18 and under 26 residing in the European Union (EU), for whom access to national monuments and permanent museum collections is free upon presentation of proof. Yes, for young people aged 18 to 26 who do not reside in the EU, who do not benefit from this free service. Other services are extra (temporary exhibitions, audio guide, etc.).
  • Should I buy a pass for a disabled person?
    No, disabled people enjoy free access to most national museums and monuments. We advise you to contact each establishment to check their respective access conditions.
  • Is there a pass valid for one year?
    No, there is no annual “multi-site” card. On the other hand, several museums offer annual subscription plans (Centre Pompidou, Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, etc.). Consult the websites of the establishments that interest you.
  • Can the pass be purchased several months before use?
    Yes, you can, for example, buy a pass in January and only use it in July. Activation is automatic from the first visit. The date of purchase has no impact on validity.
  • How do we use the pass?
    Simply show your pass at each museum and monument checkpoint. On the first pass, your pass will be automatically activated for a period, depending on the formula chosen, of 48, 96 or 144 consecutive hours.
  • How is the pass activated?
    The pass is automatically activated from the first visit.
  • How is the validity of the pass calculated?
    The validity of the pass is calculated per hour, from the first visit, for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days, i.e. 48 hours, 96 hours or 144 hours (example: a 2-day pass, activated on a Wednesday at 3 p.m. , is valid until the following Friday, 3 p.m.).
  • Does the pass give access to temporary exhibitions?
    No, the pass only gives access to the permanent collections . Some museums allow access to their exhibitions, depending on the programming, but this is neither the rule nor an obligation.
  • Does the pass allow you to avoid queues?
    The PARIS MUSEUM PASS allows you to avoid waiting at the checkout counters, since it is prepaid. Some sites also offer specific and priority entry. Please note: “no waiting” entry is not guaranteed when there are special access conditions: a security check, the mandatory provision of a free ticket or a regulated and limited number of visitors for reasons of security. In addition, attendance at some sites can be so intense at certain times of the year that even the priority entrance is saturated. Under these conditions, no device can guarantee access without waiting.
  • Can we use the pass for a group?
    Yes, but you will have to respect the reservation procedures and pay, where applicable, the reservation fees imposed by certain sites (not included in the price of the pass).
  • Do I have to pay anything else at the entrance to museums and monuments?
    No, the price of the pass includes the full entrance fee to monuments and permanent museum collections. However, it does not include additional services: conference tours, audio guides, guided tours, shows, reservation fees for groups, etc.
  • Is it necessary to reserve a visit slot with the pass?
    No, it is generally not necessary to reserve a viewing slot. However, it is necessary to reserve a visit slot in some sites, which are very busy. For more details, go to the RESERVATION page.
  • Can we spread the validity period over, for example, one month?
    No, the pass is activated, from the first visit, for 2, 4 or 6 days, i.e. 48 hours, 96 hours or 144 hours consecutive and inseparable.
  • Are closing days or public holidays deducted from the validity period of the pass?
    No, the validity period of the pass cannot be suspended, split or extended. Our advice: plan your visits according to closing days and public holidays to make the most of your pass. Please note, however, that you will have sites to visit every day!
  • Does the pass include access to public transport?
    No, the pass only gives access to museums and monuments. The Ile-de-France public transport network offers a tourist package called Paris Visite , usually available from vending machines in metro and RER stations.
  • Can you visit the same museum or monument several times with the pass?
    No, the pass offers only 1 entry to each site.
  • What are the conditions of access to the Louvre Museum?
    Since July 2019, only the reservation of a time slot can guarantee access to the Louvre Museum with the PARIS MUSEUM PASS. Without this, access can sometimes be very long, or even impossible, during periods of very high attendance. NB: The reservation procedure is of course free. To reserve a time slot: go to , select “Visitors with a Paris Museum Pass”, choose the day and time of your visit, indicate your name and your PMP number. You will then be able to download a QR code which will allow you to pass through the first control located at the entrance to the Louvre Pyramid (only access point). You will then have to present your PMP at the various checkpoints of the museum, located under the Pyramid.
  • Does the pass give access to the gardens at Versailles?
    Yes, outside show periods (not included in the offer).
  • Does the pass give access to the Musical Gardens and the Grandes Eaux Musicales in Versailles?
    No, at the Palace of Versailles, the pass gives access to all the visiting circuits open according to the season(1) and the audio guide, but are not included: the shows, the Grandes Eaux Musicales, the Musical Gardens, the conferences, catering and transportation services. To visit the Musical Gardens and attend the Grandes Eaux Musicales, you must pay an additional entrance fee. (1) Either: the Grand Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the King's bedroom, the Queen's bedroom, the Dauphine's apartments, the exhibitions, the apartments of Louis XV's daughters, the Empire rooms and the galleries and rooms of the French History Museum. At the Grand and Petit Trianon, the pass gives access to visiting circuits open according to the season(2), from 12 p.m., but are not included: conferences, catering and transport services. (2) Either: the apartments of the Grand Trianon, the French garden and its outdoor pavilions, the apartments of the Petit Trianon, the French garden with the music pavilion, the belvedere, the theater of Queen Marie-Antoinette, the Anglo garden -Chinese and the hamlet of Queen Marie-Antoinette with her house and outdoor factories such as the dairy, the Marlborough Tower, the mill and the farm.
  • Can a lost or stolen pass be replaced?
    Unfortunately no.
  • Can a 2-day pass, for example, be exchanged for a 4-day pass?
    No, passes cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Can a pass be refunded, for example, following the cancellation of a trip?
    Unfortunately, no, passes cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.
  • Can an old, unused pass be used or exchanged?
    No, passes issued before July 2019 are now invalid and cannot be exchanged.
  • To whom should I send a request or complaint regarding the purchase of the pass?
    Complaints relating to the purchase of your pass must be sent via the CONTACT page if you purchased your pass on site, or via the email which appears on your pass if you purchased it online (e-ticket). NB: We are unable to respond to requests regarding purchases made from our resellers.
  • Who should I send a request or complaint to regarding the use of the pass?
    Complaints relating to the use of the pass can be sent via the CONTACT page of this site.
Tableau de Marie-Antoinette - Château de Versailles



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